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  1. #Features#
    Gecko IN.K300 Control Panel

    Gecko brings all the features you really need to one keypad. Compact, with a big LCD screen; bright enough to be seen throughout the day.

    INK300 Control Panel

    All settings and spa function icons can be seen at a glance so you can set up your Hot Tub in the blink of an eye.

    Bright and large, the LCD screen allows an easy setting of the temperature, winter modes and other functions.

    USA Lucite Acrylic Shell

    Lucite Acrylic has colour that runs true to the core of the materials itself - no paints, stains or dyes so it's as rich and lustrous years from now as it is today

    USA Aristech Acrylic Silver White Marble

    Sterling Silver swirls of white cirrus clouds against a pale grey sky. A cool afternoon, perfect for a good book or a chat with a friend. Perhaps both.


    Ozone is formed when 3 Oxygen atoms are connected rather than the normal 2, ozone destroys the bacteria and viruses in the plumbing system.


    Ozone also helps to breakdown any oils and biodegradable material, keeping the water crystal clear.

    Ozone purification is more powerful than standard sanitisers so fewer chemicals are needed to keep your Hot Tub free of bacteria and germs.

  2. #Specification#
    Model Colour:Silver White Marble
    Size:2000 x 2000 x 740mm
    Gecko Controls:2kw heater
    Water Capacity:300kg
    Weight Empty:1300kg
    Weight Filled:1000L
    Shell:USA Lucite acrylic
    Water pumps:
    Pumps:1 x 3hp 2 Speed
    Insulation:Dual Aluminium foil wrap
    Base:Plastic Sealed ABS
    Water jets:
    Jets:Total 20
    2" Directional hydro therapy jets:8
    3.5" Rotary therapy jets:2
    3.5" Directional hydro therapy jets:10
    LED perimeter & corner lights:Yes

  3. #Delivery#
    Delivery Options
    We cooperate with many businesses to ensure you receive the best and fastest delivery for your Hot Tub or Spa. We ensure that these businesses meet our high standards so you get the best experience while buying and using your Hot Tub. The businesses we work with are located in separate areas so you get the best delivery no matter where in the UK you live.
    Have the perfect spot for a Hot Tub but it's hard to get to? Don't worry! We have made sure all our authorised dealers will talk to you about the where the Hot Tub will be and will run through a plan to get it there. As well as having access to specially designed equipment to make this process as easy as possible, they are fully prepared for any situation with our crane and highly trained engineers.
    Our Dealers

  4. #Dealer T&C#
    Dealer Terms & Conditions

    Dealer Terms & Conditions