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Oasis Spas Hot Tub Collection | Sunbeach Spas

What makes Oasis Spas exeptional?

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficiency is rarely talked about but its the most important thing when it comes to your Hot Tub. Having an energy efficient Hot Tub sustantially lowers the running costs as well as reducing the environmental impact of your Hot Tub.
  • Powerful Jets

    Oasis Spas feel as good as they look. The seats and loungers are designed to be comfortable for all shapes and sizes featuring powerful massaging jets from your shoulders to your toes. 
  • The Features

    Oasis Spas HE Models feature the Gecko 2. The achieves the most vibrant surround sound available with 4 speakers and a subwoofer ensuring you have the best audio quality when in your Hot Tub.

How does the Oasis Spas design work?

There are multiple factors that combine to make Oasis Spas one of the most energy efficient Hot Tubs on the market:
  • Oasis Spas use multiple layers of high density foam which reduce heat loss significantly
  • Low current pumps consume less energy than a 75W light bulb 
  • The inside of the Hot Tubs route warm air back into the system to reduce the energy required to heat the water
  • Covers which use high density froam to create a seal minimising heat loss
  • During circulation the water temperature is kept at a regular temperature, reducing the energy used in a standard heating/cooling cycle

The Oasis Spas Range

The Eco-Friendly Initiative

Water Quality

Clean water is not only important for you and your skin but it also reduces the enviroment impact of your Hot Tub. With Oasis Spas your water is kept much cleaner for longer, reducing your water usage and keeping your Hot Tub experience the best it can be.
  • State of the art Ozone system neutralising an contaminants and reducing the amount of chemicals you use
  • Complete water filtration
  • Santitise your spa water using envrionmentally sound methods

Going Green

At Sunbeach Spas we are pushing to make the Hot Tub industry more environmentally friendly. We lead by example by taking every opportunity to reduce the impact we have on the environment.
  • Cutting edge energy efficiency technology on all of our spas
  • Digital Brochures emailed to our Dealers
  • Our Accessories are manufactored with a low environmental impact


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