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How to use your Heat Source Pump

Heat Pump Inverters are one of the most economical systems you can have to heat your Hot Tub or Swim Spa.  Using the latest technology the iNHEAT Inverters deliver up to five times more heating energy than standard heating systems, helping the environment and reducing your energy bills.

Ecological & Economical Heating

By making us of the renewable energy in the air, it consumes much less energy with low carbon emission and environmental friendly refrigerant R32 with no effect on the Ozone.

Titanium Heat Exchanger

The advanced titanium heat exchanger is resistant to rust and corrosion guaranteeing a long life span for your Heat Pump.

Always Reliable 

The Heat Source Pumps have; Pressure Protection, Overload Protection, Compressor Protection and Insufficient Water Flow Protection. This makes sure your heat pump is reliable and sustainable.

Top of the line safety

Our Heat Source Pump don't use oil, gas or other hazardous materials so there is no risk of smell, pollution or to your safety.

Industry Leading Features

  • Has both Cooling and Heating Modes
  • Auto operation, auto-restart, auto-defrost
  • Timer on/off. No human attendance needed
  • Works in temperature conditions: -15C to 43C

On/Off Heat Pumps

On/Off Heat Pumps Technical Guide

Heat Pump Inverters Technical Guide

Heat Pump Wifi Technical Guide



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