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Hot Tub Essentials

Sunbeach Spas Dispenser
£ 4.99
With Sunbeach Spa's Dispenser your spa will be clean in no time! The Spa Dispenser has adjustable dials to control the chlorine or bromine levels. Just put the chlorine or bromine tablet in the...
Sunbeach Spas 10" Maintenance Brush
£ 6.66
Short brush for small areas. It uses a standard connection which will allow it to fit on most telescopic poles, making cleaning your Hot Tub or Pool much easier. Packaged with a full colour hang card...
Sunbeach Spas 18" Curved Wallk Brush
£ 7.49
Deluxe 18” curved wall brush with lightweight plastic body & white nylon bristles. Great for cleaning the floor and walls of your swimming pool, hot tub or spa. A curved brush allows you to reach the...
Sunbeach Spas Leaf Skimmer
£ 7.49
Exclusive Sunbeach Spas Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer Net - Spa Koi Fish Pond Hot Tub Cleaning. Quickly Removes Leaves and Other Debris, Leaves your pool irresistibly clean! With the lightweight,...
Sunbeach Spas Leaf Skimmer & Pole
£ 12.49
Exclusive Sunbeach Spas Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer Net - Spa Koi Fish Pond Hot Tub Cleaning.
Sunbeach Spas Heavy Duty Deep Net
£ 12.49
The net has a wide opening making it easier to clean your pool and it made from strong durable plastic. It uses a standard connection so it will fit most telescopic poles. It also comes in a sleek...
Liner Vac Head w/ Brush
£ 10.00
Deluxe weighted liner vac head with brush sides
Surfin' Shark Thermometer
£ 13.60
The Surfin' Shark Thermometer brings a splash of fun to your usual temperature reading. The Sunglass Surfin' Shark floats for easy usage in your pool or spa. The temperature can be read in either...
Darlly Cyclone Filter Cleaner
£ 24.49
Easily fitted to the end of a garden hose, the trigger operated Cyclone will reduce the time you spend cleaning hot tub filters.
Sunbeach Spas Panel Cover
£ 69.99
Created with holiday lets in mind, this top panel cover is designed to save the owner time and money by limiting the functions available to the hot tub end users. The cover pictured is designed for the VL200 panels but we plan to produce expand the range to cover many of the popular panels available on the market today. 

When 20 or more are purchased we will change the design on your request, including replacing our logo with yours and any other requests you have.
Sunbeach Spas Hot Tub Side Table
£ 59.00
The table has a centre pivot design that allows you to swing it in or out of the spa. Can quickly mount to almost every spa. Made of reinforced weather resistant resin polymer train on an aluminium...
Sunbeach Spas Spa Vac
£ 38.70
The quick and easy way to 'hoover' silt and gravel out of your Hot tub or pool

No power, hoses or external water supply required
Just place in the hot tub water and pump the handle causing...
Sunbeach Spas Cover Clips
£ 10.50
These set of 4 cover clips are suitable for straps up to 1" (25mm) wide. 3 scews and a key provided with each lock are included (All keys are identical)
Sunbeach Spas 12" flexible Vac head
£ 20.90
Deluxe 12" flexible vacuum head for ideal for concrete or tiled pools. This vac head uses wheels to ease your cleaning process by adjusting themselves depending on the pool surface. Standard...


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