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Hot Tub Essentials

The accessories you need to keep your Hot Tub in the best shape. Our Scum ducks and dispensers are the best for ensuring your Hot Tub is grime-free and clean! 
Sunbeach Spas Round Spa Bar
£ 11.99
Round, easy to use drinks & snacks holder. More compact than standard spa bars but with plenty of room to help keep cans, bottles and snacks close by while relaxing in the hot tub. Ideal for parties...
Sunbeach Spas Hot Tub Dispenser / Bobbin
£ 6.49
With Sunbeach Spa's Dispenser, your spa will be clean in no time! The Spa Dispenser has adjustable dials to control the chlorine or bromine levels. Just put the chlorine or bromine tablet in the...
Sunbeach Spas 10" Maintenance Brush
£ 6.66
Short brush for small areas. It uses a standard connection which will allow it to fit on most telescopic poles, making cleaning your Hot Tub or Pool much easier. Packaged with a full colour hang card...
Sunbeach Spas 18" Curved Wall Brush
£ 7.49
Deluxe 18” curved wall brush with lightweight plastic body & white nylon bristles. Great for cleaning the floor and walls of your swimming pool, hot tub or spa. A curved brush allows you to reach the...
Sunbeach Spas Leaf Skimmer
£ 7.49
Exclusive Sunbeach Spas Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer Net - Spa Koi Fish Pond Hot Tub Cleaning. Quickly Removes Leaves and Other Debris, Leaves your pool irresistibly clean! With the lightweight,...
Sunbeach Spas Leaf Skimmer & Pole
£ 12.49
Exclusive Sunbeach Spas Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer Net - Spa Koi Fish Pond Hot Tub Cleaning.
Sunbeach Spas Heavy Duty Deep Net
£ 12.49
The net has a wide opening making it easier to clean your pool and it made from strong durable plastic. It uses a standard connection so it will fit most telescopic poles. It also comes in a sleek...
Sunbeach Spas Hot Tub Side Table
£ 49.99
The table has a centre pivot design that allows you to swing it in or out of the spa. Can quickly mount to almost every spa. Made of reinforced weather resistant resin polymer train on an aluminium post. Stainless steel attachments that are easily fitted to the cabinet. Size of the tray is 23" x 15" - 27 inches at the longest part and 19 inches at the widest.
Sunbeach Spas Booster Seat
£ 10.00
This exclusive Sunbeach Spas Booster seat design focuses on being comfortable and functional. It is suitable for all Hot Tubs and Spas so you don't have to worry. It has been made very easy to fill using a standard water hose so you don't have to worry about setting it up. Innovative suction pads keep the booster seat in place and keep you comfortable and you can easily adjust the size and firmness to fit your needs.
Sunbeach Spas Adjustable Towel bar
£ 19.99
The spa towel bar is made from black powder coated tubing, it mounts to the spa skirt below the spa cover edge. This clever metal towel rail has a unique upright position that allows your towel or...
Sunbeach Spas Spa Duck Scum Sponge
£ 4.49
Cleaning your spa has never been easier or cuter! Sunbeach Spa's Spa Duck can absorb up to 40 times its weight in oils, lotions and cosmetics. The Spa Duck is easy to use just let it float in the...
Paradise Spa Vac
£ 49.98
Designed to be a Simple, Inexpensive Solution for Cleaning your Spa or Pool

Self-contained spa vacuum
No pumping
No batteries
Paradise Powered Spa Vac
£ 59.99
The Power Spa Vac makes cleaning Pools & Spas easy.
The body is made from high-impact polymer resin.
The aluminium telescopic pole extends 6 feet, making it easy to use the vacuum with...
Vinyl Repair Kit 60ml
£ 10.83
60ml Vinyl Adhesive
140mm x 560mm patch
Adhesive spreader ideal for;
Inflatables, Vinyl Covers, Air Pillows, Water Bags, Vinyl Pool Lingers
Able to cover holes both in and out of water
Sunbeach Spas Deluxe Pole
£ 12.49
This Deluxe telescopic pole is 134cm/ 52.75" which makes it great for pools or large swim spas. Its standard connection allows it to be used with brushes and vac heads alike.