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  1. #Features#

    USA Aristech Acrylic
    Silver White Marble Acrylic
    Aristech is a leading provider of acrylic in the USA, the surface finish stays bright after years of use and the colours do not fade. This Acrylic implements Bio-Lok which resists bacteria build and also makes the surface easier to clean while resisting stains such as dye, ink or crayon. Silver White Marble has long been the most popular hot tub colour. A touch of grey brings dimension to the white-base sheet, providing a subtle, somewhat linear pattern to the hot tub.
    Oasis Spas HE Models feature the Easy Care CD Ozone with boost chamber which kills germs in your Hot Tub reducing your chemical usage. The Easy Care CD Ozone works with Oasis Spas' Pure Blue filters to breakdown and catch body oils in your Hot Tub producing crystal clear water

    Thermal Lock Insulation
    Thermal Lock
    HE Thermal Lock is a reliable thermal insulation solution to lock the heat inside the spa within the cabinet. It uses 10mm high density insulation foaming, 8mm spa shell and 100mm soft full foam insulation sprayed on the inside of the spa giving high energy efficiency.

    Gecko IN-K506 Controls
    Gecko IN-K506 Controls
    The in.k506 brings all the features you really need to one keypad. A large LCD screen, bright enough to be seen in day. Quick access to Spa Features such as; Temperature control, Multimedia control, Water treatment control and various other settings.

    Gecko 2
    Gecko 2
    With Gecko's 2 experience music like never before! The achieves the most vibrant surround sound available with 4 speakers and a subwoofer ensuring you have the best audio quality when in your Hot Tub. Blast your favourite playlist through Bluetooth, USB and Aux connection for easy music streaming or jam out to Heart Radio with 2's FM Radio.
    Double Filtration System
    2  Hot Tub Filters
    Oasis spas implemented a double filtration system to keep your Hot Tub cleaner and prolong the life of both the filters and your Hot Tub. The filters trap dirt and oils while the water passes through, this keeps the spa clean and makes the water much more clear. With the double filtration system, this allows it to catch anything that might have slipped through ensuring you have the healthiest spa as well as reducing the load on a singular filter meaning you won't need to maintain it as much as a single filter spa.

  2. #Specification#
    Model Colour:Silver White Marble
    Size:2300 x 2300 x 920mm
    Gecko Controls:3kw heater
    Water Capacity:1490L
    Weight Empty:413kg
    Weight Filled:1903kg
    Shell:USA Aristech acrylic
    Water pumps:
    Pumps:2 x 3hp
    Circulation:1 x 0.35hp
    Ozonator:1 x 50mg
    Air control valve:2
    Insulation:6 layer shell with 10mm high foam
    Base:Sealed ABS
    Water jets:
    Jets:Total 50
    2" Fixed therapy jets:14
    2" Directional hydro therapy jets:4
    3" Directional hydro therapy jets:4
    3.5" Rotary therapy jets:14
    4" Rotary therapy jets:8
    5" Rotary therapy jets:5
    5.5" Directional hydro therapy jet:1
    Large underwater LED light:Yes
    LED perimeter & corner lights:Yes

  3. #Delivery#
    Delivery Options
    We cooperate with many businesses to ensure you receive the best and fastest delivery for your Hot Tub or Spa. We ensure that these businesses meet our high standards so you get the best experience while buying and using your Hot Tub. The businesses we work with are located in separate areas so you get the best delivery no matter where in the UK you live.
    Have the perfect spot for a Hot Tub but it's hard to get to? Don't worry! We have made sure all our authorised dealers will talk to you about the where the Hot Tub will be and will run through a plan to get it there. As well as having access to specially designed equipment to make this process as easy as possible, they are fully prepared for any situation with our crane and highly trained engineers.
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  4. #Dealer T&C#
    Dealer Terms & Conditions

    Dealer Terms & Conditions