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  1. #Features#
    USA Aristech Acrylic
    Aristech is a leading provider of acrylic in the USA, the surface finish stays bright after years of use and the colours do not fade. This Acrylic implements Bio-Lok which resists bacteria build and also makes the surface easier to clean while resisting stains such as dye, ink or crayon. Silver White Marble has long been the most popular hot tub color. A touch of grey brings dimension to the white-base sheet, providing a subtle, somewhat linear pattern to the hot tub.
    An Ozonator helps kill harmful bacteria, reducing the need for chemicals by which is gentler on your skin and eyes. It does this by breaking up the O2 into O3 which then goes into your spa and when harmful bacteria touch O3 it causes a reaction which kills the harmful bacteria making your spa cleaner.

    2 Filters
    We have implemented cutting edge technology to fit our spas with a double filtration system. The filters trap dirt and oils while the water passes through, this keeps the spa clean and makes the water much more clear. With the double filtration system, this allows it to catch anything that might have slipped through ensuring you have the healthiest spa as well as reducing the load on a singular filter meaning you won't need to maintain it as much as a single filter spa.
    Balboa GS510 pack & panel
    Balboa utilises cutting edge technology and forward thinking to create easy to control spas with any feature you can dream of. The GS510 implements piezo panels which eleminate moisture ensuring the panel's reliability and quality as well as MoodEFX Lighting to make your spa come to life!

    TV & DVD Player
    The entertainment you need at your next Hot Tub party! This 45" screen tv is perfect for watching movies while in your Hot Tub. It also comes with a USB and HDMI port meaning you can plug in your video game console and be the most comfortable gamer!

  2. #Specification#
    Model Colour:Silver White Marble
    Size:3800 x 3800 x 1150mm
    Balboa Controls:3kw heater 32amp
    Shell:USA Aristech acrylic
    Water pumps:
    Pumps:4 x 3HP jet pump
    Circulation:1 x 0.50HP LX pump
    Ozonator:1 x 60MA
    Air control valve:6
    Insulation:All 4 sides
    Base:FRP seal bottom base
    Top spa cover:2 x Number locking
    Water jets:
    Jets:Total 118
    2" Directional hydro therapy jets:98
    3" Directional hydro therapy jets:13
    4.5" Directional hydro therapy jets:2
    4.5" Turbo hydro therapy jets:2
    4.5" Rotary hydro therapy jets:1
    5.5" Swim jets:2
    LED top lights:48 (Seven changing colours)
    Corner lights:4 (Seven changing colours)
    Large LED lights:2 (Seven colour changing)
    Pillows:6 with LED
    Big pillows:2
    Cup/Glass holders:13
    Ice bucket:2
    Waterfall:2 with lights
    Rocky Waterfall:4

  3. #Free Stuff#
    Start Things off with a FREE TV!
    The entertainment you need at your next Hot Tub party! This 45" screen tv is perfect for watching movies while in your Hot Tub. It also comes with a USB and HDMI port meaning you can plug in your video game console and be the most comfortable gamer!
    Keep entertained with a FREE DVD Player!
    Bring movie night to the next level! With this free DVD Player, you can watch all your favourite movies and TV shows in your Hot Tub without having to bring your TV outside!
    Step into your Hot Tub with our FREE Steps & Handrail!
    These Steps from are strong, safe and durable so they will last you a lifetime. They are also 100% Waterproof and have a handrail to reduce the chance of accidents that could happen when using your Hot Tub!

  4. #Video#

  5. #Delivery#
    Delivery Options
    We offer delivery to everywhere in mainland UK with prices depending on the distance. If you are unsure whether you are inside our range just go through checkout and if a delivery option isnt available you will need to call us.
    Have the perfect spot for a Hot Tub but it's hard to get to? Don't worry! Before delivery, we will talk to you about the where the Hot Tub will be and will run through our plan to get it there. We have access to specially designed equipment to make this process as easy as possible, we are fully prepared for any situation with our crane and highly trained engineers.
    Ready to Go
    Your Hot tub will be ready to go as soon as we leave. With the full installation we fill the Hot Tub with water, showing you the best way and we then test the Hot Tub ensure its working at its best. We also teach how chemicals work and when to use them. Finally, we run through how to use all of the functions of the Hot Tub this includes the control system, lighting and Bluetooth speakers.

    Blue: 60 mile radius
    Red: 100 mile radius
    Mainland: 100+ radius
    (Excluding Northen Ireland and other offshore locations)
    Our Area

  6. #Warranty#
    Unlimited technical support. 24/7 Online support. 6 days a weak support on phone in-store.
    10 years frame warranty.
    5 years shell surface
    2 years Balboa
    1-year other spa components
    1 year PVC cabinet warranty
    1-year entertainment system
    1-year cover warranty
    £400 training on hot tubs on delivery (£600 for swim/party spas)

  7. #Finance#



*Always stocking 100+ tubs

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Standard delivery on all items except hot tubs

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Hot tubs designed in uk

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