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Electrical Requirements for Hot Tubs & Swim Spas | Sunbeach Spas

Electrical Requirements

Electrical Requirements - What do I need for my Hot Tub?

Our Plug & Play Hot Tubs can be run from a standard 13 amp socket and only have single pump. 
Twin pump Hot Tubs need a dedicated 32 amp power supply to be installed at your house. To install a 32amp power supply you would need to get an electrician to visit and show them where you would like your new Hot Tub and ask them for a quotation. The cost of this can vary and it all depends on your individual property. The distance from the house is also a factor in this calculation.

Electrical Installation Guidelines

  1. The power supplied to the spa must be a dedicated circuit with no other appliances
  2. The spa must be permanently connected ( Hard Wired) to the power supply
  3. No plug-in connections or extension leads are to be used
  4. A 30ma RCD (Residual Current Circuit Device) must be installed at the power supply in the property
  5. The spa must be supplied with 32 amp feed 220/240 volts
  6. A 32 amp circuit breaker should be installed and clearly marked "spa"
  7. The Spa should be fed with a 6mm 3-core steel wire armoured cable
  8. Isolation should be via a 32 amp 2-pole rotary weatherproof switch
  9. The work must be carried out in accordance with the current IEE wiring regulations and by a qualified electrician
  10. The cable needs to be run to the isolator switch (isolator to be sited a minimum of 2 meters and ideally a maximum of 5 meters from the spa) with a minimum 4 metre tail & gland sufficient for connection to the spa. This is how the installation must be left (safe) at this stage.
Please note that these instructions are for guideline purposes only and any electrical work should be carried out or inspected by a qualified electrican prior to installation of the spa.


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