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Vinyl Repair Kit 60ml
£ 10.83
60ml Vinyl Adhesive
140mm x 560mm patch
Adhesive spreader ideal for;
Inflatables, Vinyl Covers, Air Pillows, Water Bags, Vinyl Pool Lingers
Able to cover holes both in and out of water
Darlly SaniStream In-Line Pod
£ 12.99
SaniStream Direct Line Filtration System is designed to install in the void in the centre of an adapted Darlly filter cartridge so that dosing is inline and continuous whenever the spa is in a filter...
Horizon Inc. ScumBall
£ 17.80
Eliminate the nasty scumline from your spa with ScumBall! Horizon Inc's ScumBall uses a unique molecular structure to attract and absorb oils keeping your spa cleaner for longer. Just let the...
Paradise Scumbug Oil Absorbing Sponge
£ 8.30
Scare the scumline away with Scumbug the oil-absorbing sponge! The Scumbug can absorb 40 times its weight in oils and has 300% more surface area than a ball which means it never gets clogged in water...
Life Spa Hot Tub Dispenser
£ 10.50
Make sure your spa is germ free with Life Spa Hot Tub Dispenser! Using an adjustable cap it ensures that the spa is getting he correct amount of chlorine/bromine and also can lock it place to keep...
Fi-Clor Anti-Scale 1L
£ 19.49
Prevent the formation of scale on your spa with Fi-Clor Anti Scale. Anti Scale reduces scale formation and is compatible with all filters. Dose the spa with Anti-Scale where there is good water...
Fi-Clor Anti-Foam 1L
£ 17.99
Remove foam from the surface of the water with Anti-Foam. Anti-Foam deals with foam which is often caused by a build up of soaps and shampoos. Apply Anti-Foam to the spa with the ciculation running...
Swirl Away 475ML
£ 13.99
Swirl away is biodegradable and has a double strength formulation destroying biofilm and all plumbing build up. Pour Swirl Away inot the spa, leave the pumps on for 10 minutes and your spa is squeaky...


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