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Spazazz Ahola Paradise Destination:Hawaii
£ 6.99
Greet paradise with a memorable lai, relax in a beach chair with your toes in the sand, and a tropical concoction in your hand. Let the warm citrus bouquets, infused with amber hues linger, while the...
Spazazz City of Love Destination:Paris
£ 15.50
Fall in love with the abundant fragrance of the beautiful flower carts and fresh fruit stands, the enticing aromas of the near by Patisserie, and the intoxicating perfumes from passers by on the...
Spazazz Big Apple Destination:NYC
£ 15.50
Adventure begins with a sunny morning stroll on the winding paths of Central Park, lined with wildflowers and fresh-cut-grass. As day turns into late night, the razzle dazzle of Broadway brings out...
Spazazz Detox Therapy
£ 26.20
Detoxify your body and eliminate built-up toxins with our own special blend of aromatherapy. Detox therapy is specially designed to purify your system from the outside in. Relax and sooth away those...
Spazazz Skinny Soak Therapy
£ 26.20
Tighten and firm up your body with our cellulite dissolving blend of relaxing aromatherapy! Maintain that sleek firm look as you soak away those extra fluids and cellulite. You cannot go wrong with...
Spazazz Muscle Therapy
£ 26.20
Are your muscles sore? Do you have aches and pains after a long day at work? If so, Muscle Therapy is the perfect blend of aromatherapy for you. It alleviates sore muscles with our own natural blend...
Spazazz Joint Therapy
£ 26.20
Pain or stiffness in your joints? Feel sore? Our therapeutic blend of all natural botanicals will help to reduce inflammation and sooth painful joints, while boosting better circulation. Just add...
Spazazz Sport Therapy
£ 26.20
Intense sports workout? Tired and sore after your physical training exercise? Our rebuilding therapy blend will help you relax and rejuvenate as you soak. Add jets and heal and restore!
Spazazz Energy Therapy
£ 26.20
Need a pick up or boost? Rejuvenate by soaking away those aches and pains by using our Energy Therapy blend of therapy crystals. Perfect for reinvigorating after a long day or even for getting the...
Spazazz Respiratory Therapy
£ 9.40
Feeling congested? Having breathing problems? Submerge yourself and relax in a soothing blend of aromatherapy… breath deeply and clear your body in our purifying upper respiratory blend. Just add...
Spazazz Sleep Therapy
£ 26.20
Feeling sleep deprived? Submerge yourself, soak away the layers of stress and prepare for a soothing night's rest.
Spazazz Stress Therapy
£ 26.20
Feeling stressed? Relax and clear your mind and body as you soak in our stress relieving blend of all natural aromatherapy. Nothing clears the mind and body better than a nice relaxing evening...
Spazazz Escape Verbena Lime Coconut
£ 18.90
Awaken your spirit with the fused blends of verbena, lime, and coconut, and you get a fragrant blend of coconut with a potent aroma of lemon and lime. Verbena (vervain) is known for its versatile...
Spazazz Escape Green Tea Peony
£ 8.90
Enjoy the rich deep aroma of green tea blended with the flowery inviting aroma of peony and you have the perfect combination for our enlightening blend of aromatherapy. Fusing the ancient healing...
Spazazz Escape Grapefruit Orange
£ 8.90
Indulge yourself and open our Escape Grapefruit Orange and get the intense mixed aroma you get when cutting open an orange or grapefruits. Relax and enjoy the long lasting aroma of citrus that...