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Fi-Clor PH Increaser 1kg
Fi-Clor Spa pH Increaser corrects the pH when it falls below 7.2. Acidic spa water is uncomfortable to bathe in and if left unchanged, can cause corrosion of metal parts and fittings.
Fi-Clor Cartridge Cleaner 1L
Fi-Clor Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaner enables you to chemically clean the filter. Grease, oil and trapped debris are removed, thus restoring the filter to optimum efficiency.
Restores filter...
Fi-Clor Bromine Tablets 1kg
A fast-acting alternative to traditional floc granules.
Settles debris to the pool floor for easy removal.
Apply directly to pool no pre-dissolving needed.
Fi-Clor Bromine Tablets 0.5kg
A fast-acting alternative to traditional floc granules.
Settles debris to the pool floor for easy removal.
Apply directly to pool no pre-dissolving needed.
Fi-Clor Pipework Cleaner 1L
Specially formulated to clean out the waste - such as oil deposits and soap - that has accumulated in the internal pipework and equipment of spas and hot tubs, which if not removed can act as a...
Fi-Clor Superfast Chlorine Shock Pot 450g
Fi-Clor Superfast Contains approximately 15% more available chlorine than standard calcium hypochlorite.

It dissolves rapidly to form free chlorine to kill bacteria and break down the organic...
Fi-Clor Anti-Scale 1L
Prevent the formation of scale on your spa with Fi-Clor Anti Scale. Anti Scale reduces scale formation and is compatible with all filters. Dose the spa with Anti-Scale where there is good water...
Fi-Clor Surface Cleaner 1L
Make your spa shine with Fi-Clor Spa Surface Cleaner. Surface Cleaner makes it easy to clean dirt suncream and grease along the waterline. Just splash water on the surface of the spa, wipe with...
Fi-Clor Water Clarifier 1L
Keep the water as clear as the sky with Fi-Clor Spa Water Cleaner. When water becomes lacklustre add Water Clarifier it gathers up the small dirt particles until they can be trapped in the filter....
Fi-Clor Anti-Foam 1L
Remove the foam from the surface of the water with Anti-Foam. Anti-Foam deals with foam which is often caused by a build-up of soaps and shampoos. Apply Anti-Foam to the spa with the circulation...
Fi-Clor Chlorine Granules 1.2kg
The easy way to sanitise water! Fi-Clor's chlorine granules rapidly dissolve in the water killing harmful bacteria. Fast acting and very effective.
Fi-Clor Chlorine Tablets 1kg
Slow dissolving high strength Chlorine tablets killing harmful bacteria. These slow dissolving tablet are very effective with floating dispensers sanatising your spa the easy way!
Fi-Clor Hardness Increaser 1kg
Fi-Clor Spa Hardness Increaser is used to raise the calcium hardness level in spa water. Calcium hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in pool water. If there is insufficient...
Fi-Clor PH & Alkalinity Reducer 2kg
Fi-Clor Spa pH & Alkalinity Reducer corrects high levels of pH (above 7.6) or alkalinity (above 160mg/l). High pH and/or alkalinity can lead to problems with cloudy water and scaling of surfaces and...
Fi-Clor Alkalinity Increaser 1.2kg
Fi-Clor Spa Alkalinity Increaser corrects alkalinity when it falls below 80mg/l (ppm).

Alkalinity is a measure of the total amount of alkali in spa water. If the alkalinity is too low, most...