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Blue Horizons Pop Up Pool Floater 2x 80g
£ 12.45
Ezy-Float is a solution for many Hot Tubs and pop up pool users who call the CPC technical support team. A disposable prefilled floater that delivers an easy and safe way of treating your water. We...
Blue Horizons Multifunctional 200g Chlorine Tablets 5kg
£ 50.90
A long-lasting, multifunctional 200g chlorine tablet.
High chlorine content - economical.
Stabilised to minimise chlorine loss to sunlight.
Enhanced with a clarifier & algae inhibitor for...
Kleen Pool Longlife Algaecide
£ 17.80
A popular dual-action algaecide
Remains active for up to 6 months
Long-life copper-based formula
Popular as a Winteriser

1ltr will treat up to 6,200 gallons
Blue Horizons Ultimate Floating Dispenser
£ 15.99
Pre-filled with slow release multifunctional chlorine tablets

Lasts between 3 – 5 weeks

2 sizes available to suit many pool capacities

Suitable for a regular or holiday treatment