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Aquasparkle Pure Spa Salt 5kg
AquaSPArkle Pure Spa Salt is graded to be suitable for use with spa salt water sanitising systems. Adding AquaSPArkle Pure Spa Salt to your hot tub enables the sanitising system to generate free...
Aquasparkle Spa Clarity Cubes
Rapid dissolving spa gel cube that clears hot tub or spa water fast. Economical - One month's treatment per pack. These specially designed gel cubes assist the cartridge filter to remove small suspended particles and restore water clarity.
Aquasparkle Spa Mini Kwik Tablets 486g
Fast dissolving 2.7g chlorine tablet
No floating dispenser required
Easy and convenient pre-measured dose for smaller volumes of water
Little effect on pH
Aquasparkle 4 Way Test Strips
AquaSPArkle 4-Way test strips provide a quick and easy way to test your hot tub water. They offer tests for free chlorine, bromine, pH and total alkalinity. Simply dip the strip in the water and remove immediately. Hold horizontally for 15 seconds (do not shake excess water from strip), then compare the colour pads with the chart on the test strip bottle.
Aquasparkle pH Plus 1kg
The ideal spa pH level is between 7.2 - 7.6, promoting bather comfort, optimal chemical efficiency and protection of spa equipment. AquaSPArkle Spa pH Plus is a granular alkali used for raising the...
Aquasparkle pH Minus 1.5kg
The ideal spa pH level is between 7.2 - 7.6, promoting bather comfort, optimal chemical efficiency and protection of spa equipment. AquaSPArkle pH Minus is a granular acid used for lowering the pH if...
Aquasparkle Spa Total Alkalinity Increaser - TA Plus 1kg
AquaSPArkle Spa T.A. Plus is a fine, rapid-dissolving powder used for increasing the total alkalinity of your spa water. Apply when total alkalinity falls below 80mg/l (ppm).
Aquasparkle Stabilised Chlorine Granules 1kg
AquaSPArkle Spa Chlorine granules are one of the most popular products for ensuring spa water is safe and bacteria free. These granules are rapid dissolving and have little effect on the pH of the...
Aquasparkle Multifunctional 20g Chlorine Tablets 1kg
AquaSPArkle Spa Multifunctional 20g Chlorine Tablets are a popular, widely used chlorine sanitiser for spas. The slow eroding nature of these tablets allows them to maintain recommended chlorine...
Aquasparkle Bromine Infused Granules 1kg
Aquasparkle Spa Bromine Granules are a highly effective sanitiser formulated to kill and prevent bacteria and algae growth in a spa. They are a rapid dissolving and easy to vary the dose rate to suit...
Aquasparkle Bromine Tablets 1kg
Aquasparkle Spa Bromine Tablets are a popular alternative to chlorine sanitisers. Dosed via a floating dispenser, these slow eroding tablets maintain the recommended sanitiser level over a period of...
Aquasparkle Spa Hardness + Calcium Plus Increaser 1kg
AquaSPArkle Spa Hardness Plus is an effective product used for increasing calcium hardness levels within your spa water.
Aquasparkle Scaleaway 1L
ScaleAway will prevent scale deposits caused by mineral precipitation which can build up rapidly on spa surfaces due to high water temperatures. AquaSPArkle Spa ScaleAway should be used to help...
Aquasparkle Surface Cleaner 1L
AquaSPArkle Spa Surface Cleaner is a highly effective liquid cleaner used to remove oils and greases around the spa waterline. It should also be used to clean the whole spa surface every time the spa...
Aquasparkle FoamAway 1L
AquaSPArkle SPA FoamAway is a fast-acting liquid used to prevent and destroy unsightly foam on the surface of the spa water. When added directly to the spa water, this product quickly breaks foam...